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MEET OUR PARTNERS, Mentors and Contributors

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Tony Magee - Rocket Scientist,

Metallurgist, Success Strategist

Creative strategic thinker with more than 25 years of professional experience in Strategic Planning, Leadership, Project Management, Engineering, Operations, Materials Design & Processes, and Failure Analysis functions focused on providing propulsion systems primarily for US Space Propulsion Programs and Missile Defense applications, as well as Technology Innovation Consulting and Business Strategies for private large capital direct investment projects. Proven expertise in driving technical anomaly resolutions, organizational effectiveness, and corporate responsibility. Extremely results-oriented, passionate and enthusiastic in pursuing breakthrough solutions that balance technology and people concerns with business needs.

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Chris Smith - Choreographer

Chris Smith is a graduate of Long Beach Jordan High School. He is a dynamic dancer and a phenomenal teacher/choreographer. Chris shares his many talents as a way to provide outreach to local programs, high schools and colleges. He has studied and performed Ballet, Modern, Jazz, African Dance, Swing, and Hip Hop at The Alvin Ailey School (New York), Cypress College, Long Beach City Community College, and Huntington Beach High School APA (Academy of Performing Arts). He’s also performed with companies such as Bristol Contemporary, Jazz Antiqua Music and Dance Ensemble, KPA Fusion, Project 21, Troy Powell (Ailey 2) and Main Ingredient (CJ Edwards).

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Kerry James - Photography

Kerry James’ passion, creativity, and love for photography started at the age of six when he literally harrased his father for days to purchase a polaroid handle camera, which he still has to this day. That was some thirty years ago, today Kerry's passion and desire for creating, lighting, and capturing amazing images still burns as strong as it did in that little boy so many years ago.  After a professional career in the retail fashion industry, it was a natural progression for him to bring together his passion for both worlds together as a professional photographer. His experiance in retail fashion gives him a very unique way to see and capture fashion, and beauty photography.

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