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blake van putten – 2012 Achiever

Blake Van Putten is a designer and social impact entrepreneur, creating lasting impact in the fashion industry with his clothing line, CISE. Blake began producing and designing clothes in 2010. Over his life span, he has owned and operated four businesses spanning from fashion to mobile technology. After receiving his B.B.A. from Howard University, in Supply Chain Management, he worked in New York City as a Senior Project Manager in the financial sector.

In 2020, Blake resolved to become a full time entrepreneur – launching CISE, as it is known today. In 2023 he was named to Forbes Magazine “30 Under 30” in the Retail & Ecommerce category.

CISE is an apparel line with an explicit charitable purpose: to commit resources and create opportunities that enrich, empower, and celebrate the Black community. In addition to creating socially impactful merchandise. Support and learn more about Blake’s mission at

CISE is committed to donating to organizations that support minority and disadvantaged groups. CISE has donated $61,500 in product, and $81,389 in monetary support. CISE’s tagline encompasses the brand’s hope for the future, “Stronger threads, for a stronger community.” By creating stronger threads, they can create a stronger community. Blake aspires to continue cementing his place in the fashion industry while creating deep-rooted impact. 

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