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The Affair of Honor

What is The Achievement Trust?

Since 1981, the Achiever Program has awarded more than...

How Much
Has Been Award?

in grants and scholarship awards to more than 1,000 recipients

$2.8 Million dollars

The Achiever Legacy

We are extremely proud of our award-winning Achiever Program, which has served the Los Angeles community since 1981. We are equally proud of the 1176 young men who have successfully completed the program.

The Achievement Trust Promise

The dictionary defines an Achiever as one who uses hard work to reach goals, carries through, and accomplishes a successful end. The Achievement Trust prepares these young men with the tools to prepare them for bright futures while celebrating their accomplishments with the community.

A Peek into History

In 1981, the Angel City Chapter of The Links, Inc. began a program to assist African American male high school seniors with finances for college and also to train them to meet their life goals. The idea of scholarships for college-bound males was suggested by Link Phyllis Fields. Link Harriett Rose wrote “The Achiever Program Goal” and the “Achiever Program Objectives” and designed six months of activities including workshops, and a reunion with former Achievers . The first Affair of Honor was held in May 1982 and was declared Achiever Day by Mayor Tom Bradley. The young men selected to participate in this program are recommended by high school principals, counselors and teachers . Recommendations are also provided by community organizations, churches, Alumni Achievers and individuals who support the program.

For the first 27 years, John Alston, internationally famous motivational speaker, gave multiple workshops to each class of young men. His protege, Mr. Tony Magee has been successfully training the young men since 2009.

The Achiever Program Mission

The Achiever Program supports high school seniors, by preparing them for college to accomplish their life goals and encourages them to network with other African American males with similar goals and commitments.

Our Scholarship Partners
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