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Confreres are Mentors

The Angel City Links  call  them ‘confreres’,  the men  whom we have specially selected to  serve  as  role  models  for  the  Achievers.  They are fellow workers, colleagues and members of a community brotherhood united, first in their common characteristic of pursuing excellence and now, by the Links bringing them together in a sharing commitment which adds dimensions to their titles.

The confreres come from a wide range of professional experiences and understand and appreciate the pathways to success. They have undertaken their most ambitious demonstration: to prove that the elements of achievement can be con­tagious, particularly when  communicated by experienced mentors.

Through various well-planned interactions with the Achievers—including: seminars, the Achiever luncheon, and small discussion groups— Confreres provide insight, real world career counseling and responsibility orientation over the duration of the Achiever program.

The Confreres‘ goal is to foster a spirit of achievement to the eventual benefit of the community  —today,  tomorrow  and  forever.

We thank these dedicated community leaders for their time and efforts.

Being a Confrere has been a most fulfilling aspect of my life as a mentor. Never more so than when my own son came through the Achiever Program. Throughout the years, it has been my pleasure and honor to work with this amazing family of talented, ambitious, and dedicated young men!
Dr. Richard Leathers, Confrere and Achiever Father
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